Our Story

Vineyard & Cellars / Winery

Established in 2015, Tandem Hills got it’s name from multiple ‘pairings’

First of all, there is Mary & Curt (that’s one pair).
Second, the vineyard (planted in the fall of 2016) is in the Eola-Amity hills (another pair)
Third is we like to ride, and our Tandem Bicycle (a Santana) requires a ‘cooperative pair’ing.

So Tandem Hills is our name.

The property was found by Mary on a bike ride up though and over Eola Hills Rd. The next weekend Curt and Mary were at Stoller’s participating in the Vine Ride and decided to drive a few miles south to take a look. As you can see, the property has breath taking vista’s from the north over looking Amity and to the south over looking the fields of Dallas. The west facing slope has a beautiful view of the sunset over the coastal range. With an elevation was ~500’ and constant west wind from the Van Duzer Corridor the site looked prime for growing grapes. The sites cool nights, warm days and constant breeze make a perfect environment for Oregon Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. And if you are a believer that rocky soil make for a great wine terroir you have to come taste the products of the macro climate we have been blessed with.

The vineyard off Eola Hills Rd. is made up of Pinot Noir (114, 667, Wadensville) and Chardonnay (Dijon Clone). The soil profile Jory-Saum-Parrett (Loamy colluvium derived from basalt over clayey residuum weathered from basalt) seemed to be a perfect match if the roots of the vines could get down to the clay base below. If you subscribe to rocky soils make good wine then this is the place for you to come try the results.

We got rocks

With help from our friends and neighbors, the vineyard was planted in 2015. It was a wet rainy year but good for the new vines.

Our Objective : Deliver a variety of Premium wine to our friends at a reasonable price point. Some estate (Pinot Noir & Chardonnay), some Big Bold Fruit Forward Reds from other parts of the Northwest (Southern Oregon, Washington and Idaho)

Curt’s been making wine since 2001 and working off and on with other wine makers and wineries in the Willamette Vally.
Big Reds were the family favorite and over the years wine making moved from a hobby to a passion.

From some carboys and small barrels in the Garage to barrels in a custom crush cellar west in Carlton he’s come quite a ways.

As of 2019 Tandem Hills Winery was established in Lake Oswego. We formally have what is know as a “winerage”. A fully bonded Winery out of the first floor of our garage in Lake Oswego for a capacity of about 500 cases / year. We would like to build a tasting room on the slopes looking out over the coast range for all to enjoy.

Please join us on our journey.

This last year (2018-2019) we are starting small with Eola Hills / Amity Pinot Noir from a Loose Leaf Vineyard up the road and Curt’s favorite cab from Red Willow Vineyards in Washington.

2019 Vintage will bring all of the old, with some a new bold red from Red Willow/Yakama area. Yes.. a Sangiovese.

2020 will prove to be interesting..